4' | directed by Marcin Podolec

A trembling line tells a story of family relationships. Sometimes, it's worth letting go, both: for yourself and for others. A short animation by Marcin Podolec, the author of A Documentary Film, Colaholic, Insect.

Directed by
Marcin Podolec

Written by
Marcin Podolec, Wiktoria Podolec

Voiced by
Dawid Ogrodnik, Wojciech Wysocki, Zosia & Wiesiu Caban

Designed, animated & edited by
Marcin Podolec

Natalia Czekała | Namigu

Sound design
Kacper Zamarło

Mixed by
Piotr Kubiak | Playade

Production menager
Michał Benkes

Marcin Podolec, Wiktoria Podolec

Produced by Yellow Tapir Films

Co-produced by EC1 Łódź - City of Culture

Poster by Agata Królak

Premiered in 2024

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