Insekt | Insect
29'55'' directed by Marcin Podolec
Insect is an adaptation of a comic book by the German creator Sascha Hommer. Pascal lives with his parents in a city full of smog. So many missteps and accidents happen in a dense fog. The obscure smoke can easily hide people's secrets and infamous... insects. The discovery of one of these mysteries changes Pascal's life forever.
Take a look at the making of:
Written, directed and illustrated by
Marcin Podolec

Designed by
Henryk, Marcin Podolec, Marcin Surma

Storyboard and animatic
Henryk, Marcin Podolec

Animated by
Agnieszka Czachór, Renata Gąsiorowska, Karolina Kajetanowicz, Ala Nunu, Ewa Łuczków, Adrianna Matwiejczuk, Julia Marchowska, Agata Mianowska, Marcin Podolec, Kacper Zamarło

Compositing and postproduction by
Kacper Zamarło

Edited by
Patrycja Piróg, Marcin Podolec

Wojciech Kurek, Król, Odyssey, Palmer Eldritch

Sound postproduction
Sound Mind

Sound design
Michał Fojcik MPSE

Re-recording mixer, foley artist and mixer
Wojciech Iskierka, Jan Rey

Agata Mianowska, Kacper Zamarło

Marcin Podolec, Wiktoria Podolec

Production manager
Michał Benkes
Produced by Yellow Tapir Films
Co-financed by The Polish Film Institute, Łódź Film Commission, Podkarpackie Film Commision
Premiered in 2021
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